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Evolution of a Recipe

As a young Cook starting out in the kitchen, I was given a recipe from Mom that has stayed with me ever since. We made it together once, and she wrote it down for me. The original recipe she wrote … Continue reading

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Breakfast Burritos

Large Flour Tortillas (I bought 2 packs of 16 each, but did not use them all) Breakfast Sausage 2 dozen eggs 2 cans black beans (you can use dried beans if you prefer, you just need to cook them up, … Continue reading

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Mom’s Stuffed Green Peppers

4 med. Green Peppers 1 # Ground Beef 1/3 c chopped onion salt pepper 1 # can tomatoes 1/2 c water 1/2 c uncooked long grain rice (not the minute rice) 1 tsp worcestershire (I tend to use a lot … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Pickled

Two weeks ago was “pickle-makin’ weekend”¬†at my sis’s house. I joined my parents, my sis and her foster daughter, and my own kids (who had arrived on Friday afternoon with my parents, as I was at a training and not … Continue reading

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Hearty Breakfast Cookies

It’s time for Back-to-School! With Back-to-School comes the recreational soccer league for my kiddos. To me, this means getting the freezer stocked up with easy to grab-no-go snacks, breakfasts and lunch items. I planned on doing some of that this past weekend, however, when I went to make my baked goods, I discovered I was out…… Continue reading

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Jerk Chicken Salad

I am just back from a wonderfully relaxing weekend at the beach with some of my favorite people! While there, I made dinner one night for everyone (Does that surprise you? I’m at the beach and I wanted to cook … Continue reading

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Perfecting Perfection

You hear it all the time… things like “Why mess with perfection” and “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”… well, tonight I not only messed with perfection, I fixed it! I’d love to just let this picture speak for … Continue reading

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