Like Old Times

Stir Fry & “Friends”… just like old times!

It’s been several years since my friend moved away, and several years since we have enjoyed Stir Fry and sat down to watch “Friends” together. When I got the news that she was recovering well after her surgery (kidney donation to my Aunt), I was excited to invite her for dinner while she was still in town. Just like we used to do on Thursday nights, I cooked up some Stir Fry. And because I had cabbage and carrots, I mixed up a quick salad with Asian-style dressing, as well. When we sat down with our dinners and started flipping through to see if anything was on TV to watch, we were thrilled to find that “Friends” was about to start! So, we had a great night, eating stir fry and watching friends, just like we used to do.

Hot Fudge topped Ice Cream with nuts, whipped cream and of course cherries on top!

And then there was dessert!



Next time I make Stir Fry, I’ll share my process and my stir fry sauce. It’s nothing spectacular as far as ingredients go, but the love that goes into it makes all the difference in the world.

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