Stirring up Excitement

One of my best friends used to live in the same apartment building as me. We would get together every Thursday night and I would make Stir Fry and we would watch “Friends” while we ate. Well, “Friends” ended… and she moved away to warmer climates… our weekly date went MIA.

Last week, my friend came up to our state and made an amazing gift of life by donating a kidney to my Aunt. Yes, she IS really that special of a person. (That, or she just wanted to make sure she’d ALWAYS be considered part of the family… as if we could ever forget her anyway!)  She is spending the week recovering at another sister’s house who has the space and beds for a comfortable recovery. But tomorrow… yes, tomorrow, she comes to see ME and MY family and we will have Stir Fry! I am preparing my grocery list with excitement for stirring up memories and love with one of my best friends!

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