Quick Menu for a Crazy Week

It’s not that having a crazy week is anything new for us… but I like to remind myself (and my friends!) that even on the craziest of days, if you know what’s for dinner, things just seem "right"…
So, some have asked me what I use to plan my menus.. do I have a spreadsheet on my computer? calendar on the internet, or phone? What works?
Well, I want to start by saying: It doesn’t matter where you write your menu down, the point is just to DO IT!!!
Lately, I’ve been using a simple notepad that I found with a weekly calendar on one side and a shopping list on the other side. Then I take it with me to the grocery store for those items I need to buy. (Make sure you’ve checked the sale ad first, so you’re not planning a menu to save money, only to find out that what you planned is 3x more $$ than something else you could have planned! — be flexible here… you can always replace that roast you thought sounded good, with a roasted chicken that you found to be on sale for a great price!!!)

Now… onto the menu!

Tonight we enjoyed the spaghetti sauce that I started yesterday, using up all the veggies hanging out in the fridge.


What’s that you see? Yes, broccoi, cauliflower, crimini mushrooms, olives and yellow peppers… and yes, the kids eat it, and LOVE it!


MONDAY: Busy Day Veggie Beef Soup with garlic bread

TUESDAY: Lemon Chicken, rice & Salad

WEDNESDAY: Cheeseburgers & oven fries

THURSDAY: Leftovers, to clean out the fridge!!! It’ll be a buffet with everything warmed up and we can have a little o’ this and a little o’ that.

FRIDAY: Heading to my sister’s house… we’ll have a snack at home before leaving and she’s making us some chili and cornbread for when we arrive! (We won’t arrive til 7 or 8… I’m sure we’ll be ready for it!!!)

SATURDAY: Well, Haggis, naturally 😉 We will be celebrating Burns Day, and the traditional fare is Haggis… there will also be roast and several sides

SUNDAY: Likely soup from the pantry, since we’ll be travelling home in the afternoon and arriving late back at home…

So… what’s for Dinner at your house?

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