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Happy Easter! I hope everyone had an enjoyable day and weekend. Are you prepared for next week? I think we’re prepared here in our house. We’ve got a menu plan for the week and the start of a menu plan for next week when I’ll be at conference and My John will be left to the Mr. Mom duties of the home.
The week ahead:
I work from home only 1 day this week, and I’m on the road 1 day, also.
The kids will be going to their dad’s next weekend and My John & I have plans in Seattle for the weekend.
And, well, somewhere I need to find time to get food ready for the next week when I’ll be gone.
Here’s what we have planned this week:
Burgers on french bread
w. potato salad, lettuce, tomatoes
Chef salad
-to use up some ham from Easter dinner and hard boiled eggs, of course! lol
Which reminds me… did you know that the week after Easter is National Egg Salad Week?
I bet you’re over-run with too many hard boiled eggs, just like the rest of us. There are lots of ways to use them up, from egg salad to potato salad with eggs, chef salad, spinach salad, deviled eggs…………
Anyway… back to the menu, huh?
I’m working from home, and the kids will stay at Auntie’s tonight.
But I’m still going to make Jerk Chicken Salad
This will use up the other half of our pineapple from Easter breakfast
w. salad & garlic bread
Date Night dinner
Korean Beef Bowl
Seattle dinner out!
Kids are home and we’re treating them:
Salisbury Steak
w. red mashed taters and veggies
And Monday I leave for conference, leaving My John to be Mr. Mom. He does a great job, so I don’t worry, I just make sure there is food so they don’t have to worry about that. And, of course, I do have to leave a detailed menu and calendar for the week, just in case……
On Monday before I leave, I’ll throw a roast or something in the crockpot so the family doesn’t have to worry about that.
Chances are, they will want Tacos on Tuesday, and pizza on Wednesday (but they’ll want to MAKE their pizza…). I’ll come home Thursday late afternoon, and will hopefully be inspired with something great to make the family. Then we’ll enjoy our weekend together as we prepare for another fun-filled week of busy schedules and menus.
So… What’s For Dinner at YOUR House?
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