Menu Plan Monday!

It’s a Menu Plan Monday, and have I got a good menu for you this week!!!
My plan for tonight’s dinner was Lasagne. But, when I hit the store, there was a really nice-looking whole chicken in the mark-down meat bin. So Lasagne got moved…
Today’s prep for the week:
Lasgne was put together and is in the fridge awaiting it’s time in the oven.
2# of cheese sliced, cubed and sticked for snacks and lunches.
A big ol’ ham cut up for ham steaks later this week, thin slices for sandwiches and more for using in soups later on
Roasted Chicken
w. garlic sauce, roasted veggies, mashed taters
w. garlic toast & salad
Ham Steaks
w. Mac & Cheese, veggies
I think JohnnyO might be gone again…
so maybe we’ll have breakfast again. lol
Soup & Sandwiches
It’s Grey’s Anatomy Day! The girls will probably join me to watch the cross-over
I might make fried ravs to share with the gals at BUNCO
Happy Valentine’s Day
We’re making Pizzas!!!
Daytona 500!!!
Philly Cheese Steaks
Can someone share their fave recipe with me????
Now I’m ready for the week. Yippee!!!!!
What’s For Dinner at Your House?
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  1. Marlene says:

    Hey Celeste, I love coming to look at your blog. I\’m thinking that the Coffee Cake recipe you posted on here, is the one I have been looking for. I was so sad, when I could no longer find it one the box. Thanks for a great site! Marlene aka basketlady

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