Quick Menu!

For awhile I’ve been not planning menus… because the family was refusing to follow them. So I gave up and told them to cook for themselves! lol
I just got home from a girls’ weekend getaway and I am feeling a bit rejuvenated. So I made dinner and did a quick menu plan, which My John actually helped with, giving his input, which he usually does not do.
So….. tonight we had sausage and I made homemade mac & cheese! The recipe from my boss’s wife! MMMMMM YUMM-O!
My John wants to make chicken parmesan. So I’ll let him 😉
Chef salad
Breakfast for dinner— probably waffles
Cheeseburgers and oven fries
Family fun night, possibly making pizzas?
Sat & Sun:
We’ll play it be ear, depending on leftovers and what we decide to do for the weekend….
I’m not doing much for grocery shopping this week. We’ll just need more milk, burger buns and maybe coffee… I think I’m dangerously low on coffee. LOL
Have an awesome week!
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