I’m Ready to go back to work….

Well, Blog Friends, I’m ready to be back at the office tomorrow.
 I’m exhausted after my "Over the Top Christmas BUNCO" on Friday (which the last 2 friends did not leave until after 1am… One of them was waiting fer her daughter to get home from an away ball game, and my place is just a mile from the school, so I told her to just hang out and we visited.)
On Saturday was a party at My John’s boss’s house. It started at 5, but we didn’t get there til 6:30 and then stayed til after 11. By the time we left, we had been visiting with his boss and boss’s wife, plus 3 other lingering guests for well over an hour.
Today I was just feeling lazy and yucky all day. I did my office work here for a couple hours and then a friend of My John’s dropped by that… well, that I can’t stand to talk to because he’s so negative about everything… so I sat in my room and watched Christmas movies.
BUT…. for those "menu seekers" out there, I don’t have a set menu because we have a weird week, but I know that I can make the following things on any night without going back to the store:
Old Faithful (pork chops)
Chicken Fettuccini
Korean Beef Bowl
Salisbury Steak
I will probably do Tacos (or Taco Salad) for tomorrow night. Tuesday is the kids’ dad’s birthday, so they’ll go to dinner with him that night. Thursday is a dance after school for Felicity and the Winter Concert for Haden. And Friday school is out at 12:10 and then it’s Winter Break! Crazy week…. and somewhere I have to find time for some shopping…..
Well, off to bed. G’Nite!
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