It’s a REAL Menu!

Yes, you read that right… I have a REAL Menu planned for the week!
I’m crazy busy all week, and hosting BUNCO here on Friday…. so I spent today preparing for the week ahead. I hit the grocery store and found ground beef to be on sale (which was perfect, since it was needed for meals this week! lol) Roast was on sale, too! My cart full of groceries was $215 before card and coupons and I paid only $139. Quite the score! WAHOO!!!
On to the MENU!
Since I made spaghetti sauce with some of the ground beef, I decided that’s what we’d have for dinner tonight. The rest of the pot is in the fridge and we will freeze it tomorrow.
Monday: I will put a roast in the crockpot before I leave for work in the morning. It will be ready before I get home, we’ll just need to add the salad and some hot veggies (potatoes will cook with the roast). And My John gets a night off from cooking.
Tuesday: Tacos! I made 4# of ground beef into taco meat today, so we just need to re-heat and heat some refried beans, and maybe some rice.
Wednesday: Chicken Fettuccini with salad and garlic toast
Thursday: I have a training in Seattle and I have NO CLUE what time I’ll be getting home after that. So I’ll either throw together a crockpot veggie beef soup or My John will choose a couple cans of soup and make some grilled cheese sandwiches.
Friday: It’s an Over the Top BUNCO at my place! I’ll be making some pumpkin bread (I think… if I have the energy! If not, I’ll just put out the cookies! lol)
Saturday: A date night for me & My John! We have steaks and a tenderloin in the freezer, so we’ll figure out something wonderful to have!
Sunday: Possibly a Baked Potato Bar… we’ll see what happens for the week and weekend.
Well, I hope my menu brings you some inspiration for your busy schedule! It’s a crazy week for me, so I’m happy to have some good meals on the menu. Things always seem less crazy to me when we’re having a nice meal, instead of rummaging through the cupboards at the last minute.
So…. What’s For Dinner at your house this week?
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