Dinner… such as it is…

And again… more than a month without an update. What a weird month it’s been.
So let’s just start with this week, instead of trying to catch up. I’m boycotting the grocery store this week. I’ve had enough of every other entry in the check register being for a grocery store. It’s really quite ridiculous the amount of money I can spend on food.
Sunday night I picked the kids up from their dad’s, and then took Felicity to a friends house to spend the night (there was no school on Monday). Felicity had dinner at her friend’s house, so I threw together some nachos for myself, Haden & My John.
Monday I was working, and Haden was at Roni’s. She fed him dinner before My John picked him up. I picked Felicity up on my way home only to find that she had also eaten already. So I heated some soup for me & My John.
Tuesday is the day I made my decision to boycott the grocery store. So while at work, I thought about what we had already that could be thrown together for dinner. And I landed at Tex-Mex Chicken & Rice Skillett! MMMMMMM
Yesterday I worked from home, so I took a roast out of the freezer and threw it together to slow roast in the oven. On the side I served Julienne potatoes and I roasted some brussel sprouts with garlic slivers. MMMMMMM
Tonight My John grilled some sandwiches and heated some clam chowder. The kids have eaten and I will eat after they are tucked into bed. It’s Grey’s Anatomy night, so I’ll be staying up to watch that.
And tomorrow… well, tomorrow I have a Winter Fest event that I am having a booth at. There will be food there, so I’ll take the kids and give them money to go do crafts for gifts and get some food. My John might come up for the basketball game, too…
I think I’m "off the hook" for cooking on Saturday, too. The kids want to go to their cousin’s birthday party, but I have too much to get done around here, so I will send them with Roni, along with lots of love from me to give their cousins!
Sunday will be football day. I have lots and lots of "snacky" food in the freezer, so I might make it a snacky dinner, or do a baked potato bar. And then maybe I’ll plan a menu for next week.
Soooooo …… THAT’S what’s for dinner. It’s not exciting… but it’s our life. LOL
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