Beautiful Roast Dinner!

We had a wonderful Pork Roast for dinner this week. It was a joint effort in cooking. I sliced into the roast and shoved garlic cloves into the holes, then rubbed it down with thyme and onion powder. MMMMM That roasted while we prepared the red potatoes. Cut in half, then boiled for 10 minutes. While I was at soccer practice with kiddos, My John tossed the potatoes with olive oil, thyme, dried chives and chopped garlic, then added them to the pan with the roast. I also had a pan of veggies ready for roasting. I sliced some acorn squash and tossed in some broccoli & cauliflower to roast in the oven.
It all turned out wonderfully, and the leftover roast wil become BBQ Pork sandwiches for tomorrow night’s dinner while we watch the Seahawks game (yes, even with the season they are having, we are still watching…..)
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