I’m Here!

… And I I’m cooking!
Dad & Royann both have questioned/sent out a search party, awaiting my next blog entry…. I hope they haven’t given up on me by now. LOL
It’s time to get that budget back in shape, and that means planning our meals! We’ve spent a disgusting amount of money at the grocery store the last several weeks, and that has just GOT to stop!!!
So… tonight, after doing some work in a vacant apartment, and after going to the store and feeding the family dinner, I did a bit of prep for the upcoming week!
I now have enough ground beef in the freezer for about 8 meals, all broken down into 1# packs. I prepared 2# of ground beef into 2 meals. Stuffed Pepper filling is ready to go for stuffing some bell peppers on Monday or Tuesday. Tamale Pie is in the freezer, needing only the cornmeal topping added before baking.
For the rest of our meals we have the makings of the following on-hand:
Roasted Chicken
Roasted Veggies
I hope we can pull it together enough to get a good plan for the month of October and make 1 BIG shopping trip, so we need only fresh produce, milk & bread from the store throughout the month…. I did this for a long time when we got paid only once a month. And boy did it save us a ton of money!!!!
So…. what’s for dinner at your house?
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