Great Day

Today was my "work from home" day. I got a lot of things accomplished today, writing letters, organizing myself for the upcoming busy weeks of site visits and reviews.Tomorrow I’m at the main office and I should be able to accomplish a lot more.
I used my lunch break to go meet with a mortgage broker. She gave me hope that I could get a loan. I’m going to work hard these next few months to pay off my smaller credit cards and save a bit of money. I should be able to get at least SOMETHING set aside for a small downpayment. I’m getting excited that we might actually be able to buy a home in the next year. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, and that when the time is right, things will fall into place. I know that when the right house is available, everything will work out.
I pulled some pork chops from the freezer last night, and tonight I made Old Faithful. It was a big hit, as always. We’ve got a "kinda menu" for the week.
For tomorrow, I’m using the chicken burgers from Trader Joe’s that I bought last month. They’re flavored with herbs and garlic and oh-so-good! My John will grill them up (they’re fully cooked, so just need to be warmed, and the grill will add a nice flavor!), and we’ve got onion buns and some tomato. Some oven fries to go on the side, and a big salad to round out the meal.
Thursday I’m working from home again, so maybe I’ll throw a pot of spaghetti sauce on in the morning and let it simmer away all day. Then I can make lasagne next week, too.
Friday I have a review at one of the properties. I think we’ll plan to have a "kid dinner" with some fish sticks that were on sale awhile ago, and are still sitting in the freezer. LOL I used to call it "gourmet" cooking when I pulled out the fish sticks, complete with "fine china" of paper plates! LOL Well, either that or we’ll do salisbury steaks with mashed taters. I’ll let the kids choose. They love both….. I guess we can do one on Friday and the next  on Saturday.
Sunday the kids go to my sisters’ house for the week. They are attending a day camp at the college she works at, so the kids get camp and time with Aunt & Uncle all at once. They will come home on the 4th.
So, that’s my week….
Have a great one! What’s for dinner at your house?
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  1. Faye says:

    Hi Celeste!
    Hope things work out with the loan for a house. What kind of house are you looking for…now you have a realisitic dream to work toward…we\’ve been in this house for 30 of our 32 years married. I\’d love to get a new place, but I\’d miss my gardens. Then I\’d be forced (& hubby) to do some major decluttering and purging!
    Hope you are having a great summer.
    Hugs, Faye

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