A Weekend Away

This weekend was spent at the Ocean! I have to thank my friend, Jeanne, for getting married there, or we would probably have always talked about going, not ever actually gone….. So, Friday after work, we hit the road for Ocean Shores, WA! Of course, we hit Friday traffic  coming through Seattle, so the trip was longer than it would have been otherwise.
And of course, the girl gets motionsick, and on this occasion, she was unable to get the nausea to subside. I was prepared with a bowl, at least…. and we were stuck in traffic with no way to pull off the road and let her get fresh air  We all survived, and she felt better the rest of the trip.
We made it into Ocean Shores and met Jeanne and the whole family for dinner. We went to Alec’s by the Sea for dinner, a recommendation by my friend, Janet who spends time in Ocean Shores every summer. I had a great seafood platter broiled with butter and lemon! MMMMM Then we were ready for some sleep, so it was off to the Days Inn.
Saturday morning we had breakfast at the Days Inn. Nothing special, just some cereal and fruit from the continental breakfast.  
First agenda item was hitting the beach!!! Since we were there fairly early (about 9am), the beach was calm, not many people. The kids enjoyed running on the beach  and My John & I enjoyed the ocean air and taking our time to take it all in.  
We took a drive down to the North Jetty, too. (Another recommendation from Janet. Thank you!) There we climbed the rocks, watched the waves crash into the rocks and even caught a couple surfers enjoying the waves.
We had the whole day, since the wedding wouldn’t be until 7pm. So we found some more fun. We did Bumper Cars, and Go-Karts, then we got some take-out Teriyaki for lunch and took it to the beach. We planned to sit in the back of the car to eat, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. So we sat in our seats in the car and watched the brave souls out flying their kites. NEXT TIME, we’re bringing kites! After lunch, we drove down the beach, and then headed out to find more fun. So we went bowling. That was fun! And the kids had to learn to bowl without the bumpers!!!
Back at the room, the kids and I headed down to the pool for a bit, where I read and they played in the water, getting in a water fight with another family!
I read some things in the local attractions book from the hotel lobby and found some reviews by local chefs on best places to eat. 3 of the 4 said the best place for breakfast was a place called "Our Place". One commented "Great food, great price, lousy atmosphere" to which I declared "Sounds like my kinda place!" While we waited for my parents and sisters to be ready to meet for dinner, we drove down the road to find "Our Place". It looked like a dive! Just our kinda place!
*** Side note here…. When I was in Middle School, Dad was opening a small, dive-type restaurant. He wanted to call it "Our Place", but found there to already be one in the state… so he opened "Cook’s Place", instead.
Off to dinner, which was at Las Maracas. Haden finally met his match for dinner, and was unable to finish all 3 enchiladas that he ordered. It was a first for him, and we were all shocked by his giving up the fight!
He was even too full to have any cake at the wedding later that evening!
Before leaving the wedding, we invited all to join us for breakfast at "Our Place" in the morning… 8am! Jeanne (the bride) said they might join us, to which I replied "Yeah, right". And to which her new husband also replied "Yeah, right". We’ll see them (I hope) at Thanksgiving. (Which will be at Frances’ new home!!)
Well, we, not surprising, dined alone at "Our Place". (Though I do know that Mom & Dad, Frances & Paul did get there later to have breakfast.) We had awesome food, and Haden ate not only his entire breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs, pancakes and potatoes, but also my toast and a piece of Felicity’s bacon. He was trying to make up for being beat the night before! LOL We talked to the owners, and got a good lead on a camping spot for our next trip. Oh, because, I will be coming back! It’s too beautiful a spot to only see once.
And I declared that "Our Place" will BE our place when we return!!!!! We came, we saw, we ate, we liked, we bought a mug to bring home with us!
Oh…. but I’m not done! We even stopped for Oysters at Lytles on the way out….. and My John, Haden & I all had an oyster shooter. $4 a shot, refills for $1! And if we come back and bring the glass, we get refills for $1…. FOREVER! The shotglasses sit, wrapped in paper, waiting for our next trip, snug in the glovebox of my car!
Enjoy the pics I’ve posted! A menu for the week to follow tomorrow (I hope!)
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  1. Faye says:

    Sounds like the whole family had a great adventure! Sometimes, for the kids, weddings are boring and stuffy. Great fun for all. Glad you found a special restraunt you can call your own.
    Hugs, Faye

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