We got "off menu" this week….. Tuesday My John took the kids shopping for my Birthday gift and took them to Arby’s for dinner (I’m not a fan of Arby’s….. LOL So they go there when I’m not with them!) And I was not feeling well, so had a potato and layed in my chair watching TV all night….
Wednesday, my Birthday, I had to take Felicity to get glasses. By the time I got home, I was not in the mood for Shrimp Creole anymore! So we decided to go out, even though it wasn’t "in the budget". We have the money, we just are trying to budget better….. it was Birthday dinner 😉 We went to Beau’s and I have seafood fettuccini 🙂
Thursday’s roast also went out the window, with a last minute Birthday Party invite to a pizza party from one of Haden’s friends…..
Pretty pathetic, I know…. LOL
But I’ve got it under control this week, I think……. I hope……..
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