Menu Plan Monday March 3rd & An Overabundance of Food!

My John & I spent the day yesterday re-organizing our freezers and pantry. Now, let me explain to those who are new to my "life"….. I live in an apartment. I have lived in an apartment for over 6 years, after having lived in a 4 bedroom house for 5 years previously. I have little storage space. I am forever changing how I use my minimal storage space. I love to cook. I have a small kitchen. This poses a problem to my love of food. A few months ago, we changed our outside storage room that was once used for camping gear and Christmas decorations into a pantry, because our small space for food was not enough….
This used to be my pantry space:


Not much room for a food-hoarder… as shown here with what us now our pantry space:


It’s still not quite organized, because we have too much food! I’m determined to make our menu this week by what we have on-hand, because, as you see, we have a lot…..

We also cleaned up the freezer spaces. We pulled everything out of both freezers and put it on the dining room table. When I re-loaded, I did it with organization in mind. The freezer in the kitchen has our ice cream, boxed food and breakfast food, and frozen fruits. The small standing freezer is organized by shelf with specific meats grouped together (beef, pork, seafood…)


As you can see, we could probably feed a small army with our food stash……. UGH! For the past 6 years, I have hoarded food because there were many times that we could not afford to go to the store for anything, not even milk. I have done several months with $50 for groceries to last the month, and it was because my food stash was plentiful that I was able to manage it. Finally, at the age of 32, I am not worried about how I will feed my family. I have enough, and my job is at a point now that I make enough to pay all my bills, do all my grocery shopping, and still have something left to work with. It’s been a long, tough road to get to where I am. I have been blessed with encouraging, supportive friends and family. I am even more blessed with my parents, who raised me with an excellent work ethic, without which I would not have gotten to where I am. If I could give lessons to people on how to get from living on $650 a month and food stamps to making it on your own, I would. But it all comes down to hard work!!!!

Anyway… there I go on one of my tangents…… LOL

Onto the MENU!!!!

Monday: Polish Sausage, chips, salad (I have a late meeting, so the family is on their own!)

Tuesday: Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob

Wednesday: BBQ Pork Chops, stuffing, big salad

Thursday: Busy Day Vegetable Beef Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

Friday: Burgers, oven fries, salad

Saturday: Crockpot Pork Roast, rice, steamed veggies (tentatively… it’s Family Day, and I don’t know where the day will take us!)

Sunday: Chicken Parmesan, spaghtti, salad, garlic toast



coffee cream

lunch meat

hot dog buns

hamburger buns

french bread

cheddar cheese







Not too bad 🙂
And I leave you with pictures of kitchen…
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  1. Faye says:

    Hi Celeste, I don\’t know how you got so much food organized in a small apartment! You  did great. We have our freezer and alot of canned goods, and root veg. in the basement besides a big cupboard in the kitchen. Paul\’s family always kept lots of food around more than was enough I think. But I am with you…when money is tight I have lots to work with, just need to buy milk, bread and fresh veggies. Lots of frozen meat, canned goods etc. around.
    Have a Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Faye

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