Tacos to Straw hats

Tacos became Straw Hats…. that’s just taco meat on top of Fritos corn chips, sprinkled with shredded cheddar cheese.
The thought of the saltiness of it all was making me feel ill, though…… the family loves it, so I go along with it every now and then. I put a couple spoonfuls of the taco meat on top of my salad, instead of the Fritos. A little kick to the salad.
A lot of salads lately. I’ve noticed some extra weight sneaking onto my waistline recently. I’m determined to not have to buy new clothes, so I need to get my health back in check. Sitting at a desk all day leads to snacking all day… which means a few extra pounds…….. so, I’m eating salads and veggies for my snacks, and paying attention to everything I eat. The things I love and won’t give up are my coffee and chocolate. The coffee may be innocent enough, but the flavored cream makes it not-so-healthy. And I drink a lot of it, with a lot of cream…. my chocolate habit isn’t too bad. I eat 2-3 pieces of Dove dark chocolate a day. 5 peices is a serving size, and 210 calories, so I think it’s a "cheat" I can afford to not give up.
Really, my problem is in portions….. and eating when I’m bored…… I need to drink water….. and I need to eat more slowly….. I’ve been buying a lot more fresh foods lately. Trying to avoid pre-made items, if I can make it myself. One thing I’ve noticed with a lot of items that are lowfat, is they are higher in sodium content than the full-fat versions. I’ll take more fat over high sodium, any day. And just pay more attention to how much I eat of it…… I just can’t deal with a lot of salt in my diet.
Ah well. While I learn to eat healthier, I’ll bring the family along on my journey. Now, I’m not making promises of all home-made, no pre-packaged foods. But where I can, and where it’s feasible, I will keep it more natural and homemade 🙂
I’m ready for Chef Salad tomorrow! A trip with my boss, who wants to get back early to take his wife out for a Birthday dinner. So, I’ll be home earlier than usual, and can have a relaxing evening with the family.
What’s fo dinner at your house this week?
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  1. Faye says:

    Hi Celeste,
    I don\’t use much salt. I cook my veggies without salt, it can be added later which my husband does to his own. When I am cooking I use olive oil instead of higher fat contendt oils & butter. (I love butter but have all but cut out it and cheese after the Dr. said my cholestoral is up, never had a problem before) I am also trying to omit an evening snack unless it\’s an orange or popcorn I pop myself with olive oil and litttle salt and gave up the butter on it. I think my portions are getting bigger so have to watch that too. Lots of ice water and eating slower might do the trick.
    Hugs, Faye

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