Mr Mom…

My very own Mr Mom!!! My John has been playing the "Mr Mom" role for awhile now, since I took on my new position and work more hours than ever before, with lots of travel.
Monday-Thursday is pretty simple… the kids go to an after school program for homework help, which goes til 5pm. I was concerned when the program started that it might make for long days and burnt out kiddos. But do you know what it’s done? Given us our evenings back! There’s rarely a night they don’t finish their homework before coming home, so all My John or I have to do is look over it with them, and make sure everything is done. No more homework battles!!!!
Of course, My John gets done at his first job at about 3pm… but, this doesn’t generally leave him with 2 free hours. He makes sure dinner gets on the table. And he ALSO is the maintenance & grounds guy for 2 apartment buildings (the one we manage and live at, and another one that my company began managing Jan 1, and his sister is the on-site manager) So he takes care of any maintenance that needs to be done…… no rest for the weary…. It’s no wonder he falls asleep on the couch as soon as dinner is done. Poor guy!
I work from home a couple days a week, so he’s not always all on his own. We cherish those days I’m home and make sure we have a nice, relaxing, homecooked meal on the table.

My John did a great job with a new recipe, Beef Enchilada Casserole…. it was a huge hit! Definitely will come back to the menu again.
Tomorrow is Corned Beef & Cabbage, to cook in the crockpot while I am on a trip for work. I’ll be back in time for dinner :~)
What’s for dinner at your house? Have you posted your menu?
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