The Time Got Away… again ;)

What a whirlwind couple weeks it’s been! Last weekend I took a trip to Nashville and got a chance to meet a friend that I’ve known online for probably about 7 years!!!! She took me to her FAVE store, and when I make it to our local one (well, not really local…. I’m sure the nearest one is at least 60 or 70 miles away…. lol) I’m sure it will become my fave, too! Whole Foods! WOW! Just the way they keep their store makes it such a great place to be. Very relaxing atmosphere, the food is gorgeous!!! There’s a few pics in the "Nashville" album.
For lunch in Nashville, Amy took me to the Loveless Cafe`! WHAT A GREAT PLACE! I tried fried okra for the first time. It was good. The Loveless Cafe’s "Biscuit Lady" was on Throw Down with Bobby Flay!!!! And the biscuits are awesome. They sell biscuit mix that’s close to the original recipe, so I got some to share at home. The blackberry jam… oh! it’s.!!!! It’s like the jam Grandma & Mom made!!!!!!
On my return from Nashville, some major things came up at work, and some unexpected trips have had to be planned……. but I’m still planning my menus!!!!! I’ll post the weeks’ menu soon…. we’ve got some good food coming up this week, with plenty of easy meals for all you busy moms & dads 🙂
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