I’m stranded…. at home.
Monday when I left work, I planned on returning the following morning, so I left my computer….. yeah, not a good idea. The pass closed Tuesday morning around 7. And it remained closed until Wednesday at around 11am, when it was re-opened, but not for long. If you saw the pictures I posted last night, you know there was an avalanche on the pass and it closed again at about 3pm, and has been closed since then. Yes, there were some cars in the slide. No, nobody was hurt. AMAZING! Just totally amazing! Late this morning, they announced that they will not assess the conditions and the possibility of re-opening the pass until Friday morning at 9…… so I’m still stranded, without my computer 😦 I have my personal comuter, so I’ve been using that for some communications. And I’ve talked to my on-sites by phone. I’m doing what I can from home, and feeling like a Stay at Home Mom again….. kinda nice, but I’m also a little restless, since I’m not used to being home this much, anymore.
I’ve used my time wisely. Got caught up on some housework that’s been lacking… taken my time to enjoy cooking a couple meals… and then going crazy again when everything is done!!! lol
So, I’m getting ready to post a couple recipes for you. I shared the Jerk Chicken Nachos with you, and one of my online friends has decided it would be a good Super Bowl Sunday food, and she’s making it Weight Watcher Friendly. YAY, Amy! Enjoy!!!!!
I’ve posted pics from last night’s dinner… those are the recipes I will share 🙂
Stay tuned……. oh, and I’ll add another photo album with pics of the snow from around town!!!!!!!
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