Weekly Menu

Monday: Tamale Pie
Tuesday: Spaghetti
Wednesday: Roast with potatoes & veggies
Thursday: BBQ Beef & Pork Sandwiches (we’ll mix the BBQ Pork from the freezer with the leftover roast from Wednesday and add more BBQ Sauce) and fries
Friday: Date Night, probably steak 
Saturday: We’ll try our hand at making sushi rolls (or California rolls)
Sunday: TBD (kids choice after a weekend at their dad’s)
I am trying (again) to limit my grocery store purchases. It’s not even in the interest of budget this time, just irritation at the amount of food we have and never use. I bought it at some point, so now it’s time to use it. LOL
The weeks’ grocery list should be pretty simple:
Burger Buns
Lunch Meat
It is my goal to stick very close to this list, as long as I didn’t forget anything that I need, I shoud be able to do it. I’m so busy working these days, I don’t have time to shop…… LOL
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