Life’s Ups and Downs

I guess I’ve neglected my site for awhile. It’s been a roller coast around here…
I’ve lost 3 people in my life, way too soon. An on-line friend that I cared for lost her long battle with cancer in October. My boss, and good friend, passed away suddenly just 3 weeks later. And last Friday our community lost a good man in a tragic car crash. He was the husband of one of my very close friends.
All 3 of these losses affected me, and all in a different way, but also the same, as I realize life is too short. Tell those around you that you love them. Do those things that you want to do "some day". Don’t wait, just do them!
Amongst the sadness, comes some joy. In the passing of my boss, the "big boss" offered me her position in the company, and did so knowing that my family comes first, so I am working half-time in the office and half-time from home. This will allow me to be here for my kids, my family and my friends (because my friends are part of my family, too). It’s bitter-sweet, but I know Leslie would have wanted me to take the job…..
So, on to the point of my Space…. the FOOD!
First,  our community has really rallied around my friend in the loss of her husband. There is a calendar set up to sign up for taking the family dinners for the next several weeks. The firefighters stood on a corner in town last Sunday and raised $7.200 for the family. There are bank accounts set up to donate money to help the family, and several direct-sales consultants (including myself) are donating their entire commission through December. My sales are also being sent in as a Fundraiser, so my company will donate money, and the commission I earn will also be donated to the family.
Also in the works is a Spaghetti Feed and a Bake Sale. Please email me if you’d like to contribute in some way to help this family.
My menu planning took a back seat this week… I was working a lot and we had a ton of food in the fridge, so we basically threw together our meals from leftovers. LOL
Yesterday’s Thanksgiving dinner was very non-traditional. We grilled up a nice London Broil and cooked up some King Crab legs. MMMMMM It was wonderful!!!!
Tonight we’re doing a repeat of that again…. lol
And tomorrow is the Celebration of Sonny’s Life. Potluck after the Celebration, and I think I’ll make one of my cakes…..
After that we’ll get a menu planned out for the next couple weeks. My John has been great about sitting down with me to plan the menu. Some meals he has to make, since I work later than he does. And he’s been great about it. Even having the table set by the time I get home….
So, this morning I’m off to take the kids to see Santa at the mall. I love doing this…..
Have a great weekend. Live for the moment!
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2 Responses to Life’s Ups and Downs

  1. Faye says:

    Hi Celeste,
    Sorry to hear of your losses. We become close even to our blogging/on-line friends don\’t we? I was very low after losing a dear blogging friend in August too. I don\’t know about where you live but around here we have the saying that deaths come in threes and most times it seems to pan out. That\’s sad about your friend/boss. It will be nice that you have the new position though and you can work around your families needs.  I don\’t think I\’ll ever catch on to planning menus. Our schedules are so topsy-turvy and unpredictable with my work and both of our volunter stuff.


  2. Jo says:

    Sorry about your losses. Have a Merry Christmas with your family.

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