Cool Weather Cooking

Tonight was a perfect match for the cool weather Navy Bean Soup that I made today. The day started out nice and ended in rain, perfect for a nice warm soup. And this afternoon I dropped by to see Mom & Dad, just before Dad took 2 loaves of bread out of the oven! He gave me a loaf to bring home. And I have to say… his is WAY better than mine! This Mama’s gonna have to go back to bread bakin’ school, and hope that Daddy will be the teacher! LOL
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2 Responses to Cool Weather Cooking

  1. Jo says:

    Bean Soup and Home Made Bread sounds Yummy. One of these day\’s I might try and make fresh bread.
    I have invited you as a friend. I lost your page and happen on it again.

  2. Unknown says:

    YUMM-O!  I\’m thinking of trying my hand at bread making again.  It\’s been a few years.  I\’m making my "famous" bean soup tomorrow.  A big ol\’ pot so that I can freeze some for later.

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