I am such a slacker blogger!!!!!

Yes, I’m a total slacker! I guess soccer season kinda got away from me, and menu planning went by the way-side……. I’ve been missing the blogging world a bit.
So, tonight I will share with you our dinner… We tried a recipe from a new cookbook… Tex-Mec Chicken & Rice Skillet! MMMMMMM It was oh-so-yummy! The kids even liked it, and asked for more. (And then made me promise I’d make it again! lol)
My John & I are trying to get in a new routine of menu-planning. We’re finding that with our work schedules and the kids’ schedules, we need to have a plan set in place for the week. Sunday evenings we have been sitting down and going through the calendar and planning dinners around what activities are planned. I like to use a menu planner from TheHomeSchoolMom.com. It allows space for planning breakfast, lunch and dinner, notes to the right (we list our schedule for the day in that section) and a grocery list to the left. It’s a wonderful tool that I am so glad to have found!
Well, we’ve done a lot of cooking, and I have some recipes to add soon. I also have some pictures (big surprise, right? ;~)
For tonight, I’ll say g’nite so I can get some rest for tomorrow. Our dinner tomorrow will be Navy Bean Soup (or maybe Split Pea… I don’t know…)
What’s For Dinner at your house this week?
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