Yes, I know…. it’s not a surprise that I’m busy. I’m always busy, right? But aren’t we all, huh?
Our schedule for practices changed a bit, so Haden didn’t have soccer today, but Felicity did. Tomorrow we have Haden’s practice 4-6 and Felicity’s 5:30-6:30… OY! 2.5 hours sitting at practice. This might get done in shifts, with me leaving to finish up dinner and leaving My John to bring the kiddios home.
Tomorrow is Stuffed Peppers and either baked potatoes or oven fries, and of course salad to go with it. I still have loads of produce to use up.

Yesterday a friend called me to see if I could help her with her kids today. She had to work, and it was a job she couldn’t bring the kids along on. (Plus, her son is in the Marimba group with Felicity, and she needed him to get to practice today, too!) I was happy to have her kids over for the day! We don’t get together nearly enough, with or without kids…… so she was able to get to work, and her son got to practice. Her daughter stayed here with Haden. It’s pretty nice that they all get along nicely! Once R returned from work, she needed to get her son to a doctor appointment, so I offered to feed them lunch (I figured I’d be feeding her kids lunch, anyway. She got back sooner than I thought she would…), and I know she appreciated that! It was nice to visit with her while the kids ate lunch. And I was glad to be able to help her out. She’s helped me with rides home for the kiddios, and besides… I know that what comes around, goes around!!!! Right?
OH! Forgot…. this is my food blog…. lol that was TOTALLY about FOOD! I made them LUNCH! And they had breakfast, too…. I had bacon in the oven when the kids got here this morning, and then I put together a big bowl of fruit. Nothing major, but a good breakfast. ANd for lunch all I did was make some quick cheese quesedillas and cut up some apples. Again, nothing major, but the kids devoured it!!!! lol

OK….. well?!?!?! I guess I’m tired. I thought I was going to post more, but now can’t remember what that might have been……. tomorrow’s dinner is ready to begin cooking in the morning so I can relax and enjoy visiting with the moms at soccer practice tomorrow night and not worry about how much work there is to be done at home…….
G’nite, bloggers! My dinner’s set for tomorrow. What’s for dinner at your house?
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