My Life is NOT My Own! (at least not until November…..)

This week begins the fall Soccer Season! And we’re starting with full-force fall schedules!!!!! Tuesday & Wednesday Felicity has Marimba practice, for a performance at the county fair on Thursday. Tuesday & Wednesday is also soccer practice for both kiddios! 3-4 for Haden and 5:30-6:30 for Felicity!!!!! Not sure if this will be the usual schedule, but it’s likely to be similar. I’m hoping we’ll have at least one day a week (other than Sunday) that we have no commitments away from home, so we can still have some planned downtime for the kids and some nice quiet evenings at home…… yes, I know…. wishful thinking!


Tonight’s dinner was Old Faithful! I think I over-bought on the fresh produce this week, so I need to use it up!!!! lol This used up 4 tomatoes, some leftover onion from the salsa we made yesterday (I’ll still have to post those recipes! It’s kids’ recipes! And they’re quite proud of themselves for creating their own recipes.), and then one of the green bell peppers got sliced up to top it off, too.


Tomorrow I’ll use up the rest of the tomatoes for Beef & Bowtie Pasta. I have some smoked cheddar in the drawer, just waiting to get shredded on the top, along with some feta waiting for a nice big SALAD chock full of every veggie I can find to throw into it!!!!!


I’ll be planning a Powercooking Day soon, too. I need to get some soups in the freezer, and I’ve got some more produce that would LOVE to make it’s way into a nice, hearty Spaghetti Sauce and/or Chili! I’m excited to get some cooking time in 🙂


I’m ready for dinner tomorrow night! Are you?

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