Summer Draws Near an End……

It’s becoming glaringly obvious that summer is nearly over… 
It’s rainy
Produce is getting more expensive
Kids are getting antsy
Schedules are getting busier
Tonight as I drove home in the rain, I considered my options for weeknight meals. I need to get some more soups into my "line up"… soups that are easy to throw into the crockpot in the morning, or even into the oven. My fave chili recipe is a Hearty Oven Chili! MMMMM I’m currently searching for a divine Minestrone soup (preferably one that the meat-eating boys in the family won’t even miss the lack of meat!) Of course, the likely solution will be that I will find several elements from many different soups and end up making my own recipe……
We didn’t get to take our vacation this summer, as originally planned/hoped….. maybe next year we’ll get in a vacation. But tomorrow the kids & I will head on an overnight trip with a couple of my friends and their kids. Should be a fun trip, and hopefully the sun comes out so we can enjoy the pool!!! We’ll work together on the food, and I’m sure the kids will basically run WILD! It’ll be good for them…..
I’ll have to pull the leftovers from the last few days’ dinners to the front of the fridge so that My John will eat something good while I’m away. It’s just one night… I know he’ll survive!
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