Trying Again…

I have become very "lazy" in my shopping and menu planning. This means I’m spending way more at the grocery store than I should be, and I never know what we’re having for dinner. So I’ll be working on getting my coupon file back in order, menus planned out for the month and a routine to my grocery shopping. I bought the Sunday paper this afternoon to get the coupons and sale flyers. Some pretty decent coupons in there this week! I’m hoping some of the sales will match up with the coupons in the next couple weeks!

Tonight’s Sunday Dinner was Mo’s Java Pot Roast! MMMMMM I just love this roast! It takes the cheapest, least tender chunk of meat and makes it moist, tender and oh-so-enjoyable!!! For dessert, the kids were happy to eat up the rest of the Jello and fruit that Haden put together last night. Simple enough  

Preparing for future meals!
While the roast was simmering on the stove, I took the stew meat that I got for a great deal and sliced it up into tiny pieces. When I cut it up tiny, it stretches a lot further for soups and chili. So I have 2 packs of meat in the freezer that are ready to go into the oven or crockpot for a quick throw-together meal! Half the battle is in the preparation, so if I have it prepped, I’m more likely to make the recipe!

Well, wish me luck in getting back to my old ways of shopping the sales and using my coupons and planning my menus. Soccer starts soon, so it’s going to be a MUST to be prepared for some easy weeknight meals!!!
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