Fresh Food!!!

Well, I guess it’s been nearly forever since I posted! I have NO IDEA where the time went. It’s summer… and I’ve been terrible about cooking. The kids are finally home, and I am sick and tired of junky food!!!!!
So today I stocked up on some produce and am beginning to take stock of the freezer and pantry. The time is here to get my menu plans back on track, and STOP OVERSPENDING at the grocery store. My local grocery store choice is terrible and overpriced. Since I’m now working closer to good grocery choices once a week, I’ll be able to save a little, I hope…. and with a good menu plan, I should be able to stop my last minute runs to the store that always cost me more than they save me!
Tonight I had some shrimp to use, so I tossed it in the stir fry skillet with some butter and garlic and added tomatoes, mushrooms and green onions and tossed it all together with linguini. I also used up some cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella with a quick Caprese Salad.
I’ve got a huge Basil plant sitting on my kitchen counter that I’ll need to find some more uses for. My friend, Janet, said it’s good on sandwiches, so I’ll try that tomorrow afternoon for lunch.
I’ll be working on menus again, too. I’ve started by making a list of our faves and stand-by recipes. Tomorrow I’ll work on taking a better count of the freezer and see what I can do with it over the next couple weeks. I want to thaw out the freezer while the weather is nice, so I need to clear it out and get it used up!!!
Tomorrow’s dinner will be Mo’s Java Pot Roast.
What’s For Dinner at your house? 
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