Memories through food…

On Sunday, we were invited to have dinner with Mom & Dad. It was time for Dad to "christen" his new grill. Well, he said he had done chicken on it, but we both agreed that a grill that size needed BEEF! So it was beef and pork ribs, corn on the cob & potato salad. I brought the brownies (that My John made while I was out doing a Cooking Show… isn’t he awesome?) with raspberries and whip cream. MMMMM (You’ll see pics of the ribs and the new grill in the July foods photo album)
The dinner at Mom & Dad’s brings us to our dinner tonight… POZOLE! Dad took a big bowl of it out of the freezer for me to take home and feed my family with!!! One of my all-time fave meals as a kid! Just a nice, mild soup with pork and hominy and some nice spices. And you serve it up with cabbage, radish, green onion and lime!!!! MMMMMMM I loved this as a simple, summer dinner. Along with the pozole, I added some fresh cut veggies, chips and cheesy bread. And it was just as good as I remembered!!!!

Tomorrow is my review for the apartments I manage. A representative from USDA Rural Development will be here, along with my Property Manager, and there will be inspections of several units, and a review of files and procedures…….. I am so ready for this week to be over (I had a mini-review at another property I manage on Monday…… the week of reviews, I guess! lol)
And since this review will take most of the day, and my niece is coming to stay with us, I’m not cooking! My little sis is buying pizza ;~) And I get to prepare for several days of feeding my niece, who hates my cooking. Yes, she hates my cooking…. the nerve, huh? Well, she just has certain things she likes to eat, and well, I don’t cook them often (if ever…) We’ll get through it, though. She eats a big breakfast that pretty much makes up for her lack of eating at other meals…. and she DOES like my breakfasts! lol Maybe I’ll try out Strawberry Pancakes on her, see what she thinks ;~)
Have a great weekend, ya’ll! Get your menu planned for next week, and watch how easy it is to bring your family back to the table!!!
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  1. Jo says:

    Thanks for stopping by my space.
     I have been so busy with the moving thing all we do is eat fast food. I am so sick of hamburger.
    I will stop by later to get some menu plans.

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