It’s been crazy here! My trip to Chicago for PC’s National Coference was awesome. A good friend went with me to experience it all, too.
Our first night there, we took a cab to the John Hancock building and rode the elevator up to the 96th floor, where we enjoyed some desserts and a beautiful view of the Chicago City Lights! So glad we did that. Great, great views!!!
A tour of the city, including the Ethnic tour, where we stopped off for lunch in Little Italy at Pompei`. Great, garlicy food! YUMM-O :~)
Our hotel lobby housed a great little Irish Pub, called Kitty O’Shea’s where they offered up some of the best appetizers I’ve ever seen or tasted. Irish potato chips, sprinkled with cheese and served up with an Irish Cheese sauce…… MMMMMM
So, after eating out in Chicago, and of course a lot of eating out with My John before I left, I’m sure I gained 10#, and was sooooo ready for getting back to cooking once the kids came home last Thursday morning! We’ve had some nice meals, but they’re leaving for 2 weeks again next Wednesday……
Pics will follow of some of the great foods I’ve had… some from restaurants, some that I made (yes, I’m the food geek that takes out the camera in a restaurant to get a pic of the food! ;~)
Have a great weekend!
And don’t forget to check…… What’s for Dinner at YOUR house?
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