Eating without the kids…

It’s that time… summer! And the kids have left to their dad’s for 2 weeks. I miss them being here, and it’s hard to get excited about cooking.
In fact, they left on Wednesday night and I don’t think I’ve cooked much of anything since then…. John & I have been running all over the place, I’ve been doing some extra work……
Friday we were at the hospital with John’s Mom (she is fine, thankfully! And hopefully will take more care in keeping herself healthy!), and since we were getting ready to cook dinner before we left, we ended up eating at the Buzz Inn restaurant with John’s sisters. I really wasn’t in the mood for a greasy burger or a mediocre steak, so I got a salad and a baked potato….
Yesterday was the Pioneer Days celebration for Independence Day. I rode in the Bedweiser truck in the parade with John, and then we went with his boss and his boss’s wife for drinks. And I had greasy bar food…. ick! I made hashbrowns when we got home.
So today we got up and said "Well, third time’s a charm! How about that Fettuccini for dinner tonight?" Well, we ended up having a late lunch at about 3 with John’s family, so we’re still not ready for dinner. I guess maybe a late dinner? We’ll see….
Now….. I’ve been promising my little girl that I would post a recipe that she created. Quite simple, really…. she made it the last time we were making guacamole and salsa. She’s not into anything even slightly spicy, so she made "Sissy’s Salsa"….. be looking for that recipe soon……
I’m getting ready for a trip to Chicago, and will be busy all week, so my apologies for being scarce….. I’ll post as soon as I can!!!
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