Chuckanut Drive

This weekend we had a celebration for My John. He got to choose where we went and what we did. He’s been wanting to go up Chuckanut Drive for a long time now, so that’s where we went. It’s a gorgeous drive, beautiful views and a great place for fresh shellfish.
We found Taylor Shellfish Farm and got a couple dozen oysters and a couple dozen clams. Today we’re getting ready to cook them up on the BBQ and share then with My John’s family. Of course, I think we got too many… because after we stopped at Taylor’s, we ended up stopping at Grandpa’s Oysters down the road and got another 5 dozen! ACK! We’re trying to figure out how to freeze them and use them up later, now.
I’ll be sharing some pics of the drive and of all our food later this afternoon/evening……
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  1. Faye says:

    We had a whole lot of mussels left over from our Canada Day BBQ for the village. They were giving away or throwing them out. I got a bunch and shell what I couldn\’t eat. Just cover them (after cooking and shelling) and cover with a brine of salted water. They should keep for a couple months.

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