Making my Own!

Tonight was enchiladas for dinner. I had to add another dish to please the masses, though! As I was planning the meal this afternoon, it occurred to me that the girl doesn’t care for my enchiladas (she loves the enchiladas at our fave Mexican place, but not mine…. they are a completely different flavor, so I guess I can understand it….). Now normally, I would not make such an accomodation, but considering I KNOW she doesn’t like it, I figured it only fair to have another choice…..
So the full menu for this evenings’ dinner:
Cheese Quesedillas
And I MADE the rice! I’ve always bought a Mexican Rice blend from the store, but I decided it’s time to at least TRY to make it myself. I did some searching and then just threw together some things I had…. it needs a little tweaking, but the family all agreed it was good. More spices, and green onion next time I make it…..
Time to check tomorrow’s menu and get something out of the freezer…
Do you know What’s For Dinner Tonight?
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