Birthday Food

Felicity’s 10th Birthday was this past Tuesday… same day as the school’s Spring Concert! So her Birthday dinner was delayed until Thursday, when we went to the local El Caporal for Family Night (10% of sales are donated to the school) It was fun, and we saw a few friends while we were there.
For sharing with the class, we had Uncle Ivan make "cupcake cookies" for us again, and I decorated them. These were shared with the class on Tuesday evening, at the Spring Concert. All her friends just LOVED the cookies!!!
Slumber party for GIRLS! And the cake was not made by me :o(  Felicity wanted Angel Food Cake…. I’ve never made it before, so did not want to try it for the first time at the party. I’m going to make it, though! I can’t have my kids asking for cakes that I can’t make myself! lol ;o) And since it was a small cake, and difficult to decorate how Felicity wanted, I put the cake on my Large Platter and used writing frosting to decorate the platter, instead! It turned out pretty cute! Check out the picture!
The girls made their own pizzas, and were so proud of them! And for breakfast, Felicity requested Coffee Cake! That was always one of my faves as a kid, too! And oh-so-simple to make!!!
Well, it’s time for work…. I’ll get more pics uploaded later today, but for now, enjoy the pics of the cake and cookies….
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