Summer Cooking

Summer weather sure does change the way we cook! It’s hot outside, hot inside, and who would want to heat up their house even more by turning on that oven?!?!? Not only does it often change what we cook, but how late we eat. A lot of grilling happens around here in the summer, and the crockpot also gets a workout, since it can cook dinner all day while we’re out and about and not heat up the house.
Oh, and let’s not forget the canning and pickling! Personally, I’ve never done much of it… Mom was going to teach me how to do pickles last summer, but the time got away from us… maybe we’ll try again this summer. On my way home from little sis’ yesterday, I stopped at a favorite coffee shop/fruit and vegetable stand halfway between here and there. They had huge cases of asparagus for $27! I debated with myself for several minutes before passing them by. They would be perfect for pickling, but this is not the week for it with birthday party for Felicity, meetings and a spring concert…….. we’ll have to hit Remlinger Farms soon, I guess. I think I’d also like to try my hand at some jellies and jams.
Well, I’m off to finish a movie with the kiddos and tuck them into bed. G’nite!
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