Sharing Kitchen Duties

I am really enjoying having My John home in the evenings! Since I taught him how to cook a few years ago, it’s a big help at dinner time!!! yesterday I worked a little later than usual, then hit a couple stores in the "big city"… so I didn’t get home until almost 7!!! (Have I ever told ya’ll how GLAD I am to live in a small town? The traffic is terrible over there, taking me at least 20 minutes to get from Trader Joe’s to the freeway!!!!!) I had laid out all the food, utensils and the recipe to put together Hearty Oven Chili for dinner. Al My John needed to do was pick up a bell pepper and an onion from Safeway (evil, evil store here in town! It’s the only one, so it’s a madhouse ALL.THE.TIME!!!) He got it all put together with no trouble, and when I got home we just had to dish up and sit down to eat!
Tonight the kids eat dinner at their dad’s. My John & I will eat some leftovers and prepare our menu for camping this weekend. I’m looking forward to this, our first camping trip of the year!!! It might still be a bit chilly out, but we’ll have fun, and can try some new camping recipes!
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