Comfort Food

Everyone has a comfort food… or 2… or 10…….. well, today felt like "comfort food" day for me, so I’m going back to basics with the menu.
It’s been a long while since I made MY meatloaf. Ya know, where you just throw together what you want and put it in a pan to bake…. no measuring, nothing fancy, just the good stuff, and you mix it with your hands!!!!! So, I guess you already figured out that I have meatloaf in the oven? lol
I adding a couple old favorites to the mix tonight, too…. while checking out the produce, I saw some turnips sitting there, all lonely, because nobody ever eats them anymore. (at least nobody that *I* know!!!) Well, that’s something I haven’t gotten my kids to try, yet, so I bought one. I got the smallest one they had, since I had no clue if anyone would like it, other than me. I got it home and peeled it, then peeled off a couple small slices for the kids to try. They both LOVED it! Said it tastes a little like radishes. YAY! A new food!!!
For a side dish to go with the meatloaf I mixed up some veggies in vinegar. Mom & Dad used to do this with cucumbers and onions. Since I had some tomatoes to use up, I added those, too. And then decided a couple cloves of garlic, sliced thin, would be great in this dish, too. So, it’s an old favorite, Celeste style ;o)
I can smell the meatloaf now… it’s making me remember family dinners, talking, joking, fighting, talking some more… all the good and all the bad. It’s what made us a family. Not all your family dinners will be smooth, sometimes the conversation will turn into a bit of argument…. but it’s ok! That’s how our kids learn that life goes on, and love continues, through the good AND the bad moments.
I’m off to bathe the kiddos… we’re having a later dinner when My John gets home from work. Dim lights, maybe a candle or two, and some soft music… nice calming evening to begin the week on a good note.
What’s for dinner at your house? What memories will you be making tonight?
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