Happy Sunday

We’re heading into another new week, with a chance to try again with some menu planning and new foods!
Tonight I took out my last pack of Pampered Chef Pizza Dough mix and made individual pizzas. My John had already bought pepperoni to snack on, so we used that for a topping. Cheese has been on sale a lot lately, so we had plenty of cheese. The only things missing were Canadian Bacon and pineapple. We each put on our own toppings and had a blast with it (as always!) The kids are still wanting to try Cheeseburger Pizza, so I may take a look at that recipe again and see what we need. I think we have almost everything for it. That could be their Tuesday night meal for us.
Along with the pizzas, I made some smoothies for the kiddos. I had some yogurt, and I took a banana out of the freezer (I still have several in there that I need to take out for banana bread soon…) and then a handful of blueberries and there was a little pineapple left from the pizzas, so that went into the smoothies, too ;o) Kiddos loved them, so I guess I’ll make them again….. lol
Tomorrow is My John’s "2 job day", so he won’t be home til about 8 or so. I’ll make something simple that can be easily re-heated for him when he gets home. A new menu will be posted soon…. I’ve got some ideas for the week, maybe some new recipes? Not sure yet……. we’re considering our first camping trip of the season for next weekend…. that always makes for some fun meals!
Go plan your menu and share the recipe with a friend!
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