Weekend Cooking

It’s a rainy, windy day (well, it’s not raining, but it’s got that rainy feeling to the day right now) We took the afternoon and went shopping in the next town. Halfway there, Felicity speaks up from the back seat and asks if we can get some lunch when we get to town. LOL OOPS! We forgot the time!!!! So we stopped at a burger place we’ve been wanting to try for a long time. Great ’50s style atmosphere, wonderful service and great food! It’s a definite "return" stop!!!
We hit a fave grocery store for a Mother’s Day special. They were offering a small cake for the kids to decorate for Mom, along with a picture, carnation and card…. for $5.99! So My John took the kids to do that while I grabbed some groceries and checked out the meat counter. We got some great rib eye steaks and king crab legs for my dinner tomorrow. On the way home I had My John swing into the Fruit & Antique stand… asparagus for $1.29/pound and they have my fave sweet, light wine (it’s called Sweet Pea and is an apple wine. sooooo yummy!!!)
Tonight I get to try a new recipe, Jerk Chicken Salad! It uses a Jamaican Jerk Rub for the chicken, and has grilled pineapple with a pineapple dressing!!!!!! I’ll share the recipe later…..
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