The enjoyment returns and Oven Fries

My enjoyment of cooking seems to have returned! With how crazy things have been, even when I had time to cook, I didn’t have the energy to do it! Now I feel like I’m BACK! Enjoying our meals, having some old favorites……
Tonight we had Mom’s Stuffed Peppers, Oven Fries and Creamed Corn. It was a first for the kids to try creamed corn… they asked me to buy it last month, and when I asked them what they wanted with dinner tonight, they grabbed the can from the pantry. They LOVED it!!!!! And the oven fries, as always, were a huge hit, too.
I was asked to share exactly how I make my oven fries on one of my fave message boards…. so here’s what I told them over at the Kitchen…..
You can make your potato wedges as big or small as you want (sometimes I cut them into 1/8ths and other times, like tonight, I cut them up skinny, more like fries)…. then I toss the potatoes with Olive Oil, Italian Seasoning and garlic (we love garlic, so I used 5 cloves tonight…. for 5 potatoes.! lol) If you want, you can even add shredded fresh parmesan, too! Then lay them out in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake at 425* for 20-35 or 45 minutes. See how exact I am? LOL It really depends on the size of potatoes and how brown and crispy you like them. When I do these, I put them on my stoneware bar pan and I don’t have to turn them to brown both sides. I have no idea how this works on any other kind of pan. You might just have to turn them for more even cooking and browning? I haven’t used metal pans for about 8 years….. lol

I’ve found that the oven fries is a great way to use up an abundance of potatoes, and it’s simple enough to go with just about any meal. Of course, you can always change the seasonings to be whatever your family loves. We just love Italian and garlic…..

Sooooo there ya have it… easy peasy…..
Now go check your menu! What’s for dinner at your house?
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