……On trying new things

I grew up eating… and I ate what was in front of me… and I liked it (well, most of the time…….) It seems that society has really changed, though. I talk to people all the time who tell me they are cooking 2-4 different things every night for dinner. Not just 4 dishes for dinner, but 4 completely separate meals! And I just have to ask them…. WHY? And it’s always because their kids won’t eat what they cook. WOW! This is such a foreign concept to me… ya know… the concept in which the kids rule the house, and make all the decisions for the family? And therefor, they can dictate how a home runs, if everyone is happy, etc…… That is just so.not.cool!
I cook one meal each night. But everyone gets 2 choices for dinner…. take it or leave it! If you’re hungry, you’ll eat, that’s how I feel about it. I put a lot of time, effort and thought into my menus. I make sure to provide enough choices with the menu that in any given night, at least 2 items are well-liked. If 1 or 2 things I cook at night aren’t a big hit, well, eat more of what you *do* like, right?
I started trying new foods awhile ago. New flavors, spices, foods, etc…… at this point, I was allowing the option to instead have a peanut butter sandwich. no jelly, just peanut butter. Each of the kids chose this option… ONCE! Only once! But, they only got that option AFTER trying the new, different food sitting in front of them. And I think they liked that I respected them enough to give them that "out" to have something that they knew they liked. Again, I stress here that this was made an option while I was trying out new spices and foods that I wasn’t sure MYSELF if I would like…..
Now we all love to try new things and have fun experimenting with new recipes and spices and foods! Tonight we tried beefalo steaks…. the kids and I really enjoyed it. My John? Well… not so much. He didn’t even finish his, which is weird for him. Oh well…. it’s not too cost-effective, anyway! lol And then we took an old favorite and grilled it up, Bobby Flay style! Artichokes! MMMMMM Boiled with lemon juice and olive oil (and of course water, too…. lol), then cut in half and grilled! WOW! The grilling added an element of flavor that just made the artichokes "pop"!
Ah, artichokes…. this has always been one of my favorite vegetables. Because you eat it with your hands? maybe. Because it’s dipped in butter.leaf.by.leaf…… maybe. But a few years ago it became a favorite all over again, and for new reason. My John & I were still a fairly new couple. The kids were maybe 3 & 5? And I was bored with my usual vegetables from a can. So when I saw artichokes on sale, I bought 2 of them. My John immediately said he would not eat it. And then he said he HAD NEVER TRIED THEM! I got him to humor me, and I cooked them up for dinner. I really did not expect anyone to like them……. but the next day I was back at the store buying several more, because they were a huge hit! I think it’s one of the memories I have from our early relationship that I like the most.
HHHHMMMMM Come to think of it, many of my favorite memories with My John, and especially with my kiddos have something to do with FOOD! Eating at the Crab Pot in Seattle, making our own pizzas, teaching My John and the kiddos how to cook, trying new foods!
It’s a real wonder that we aren’t all severely overweight with how much we all love to cook and eat!

OH! Before I forget…. I don’t think I’ve told ya’ll…… My John starts a new job next week. He’ll be on day shift! Our family dinners will be easier. Sports schedules (and all the other schedules!) will be easier! LIFE will be easier! He will be the new Bud Man, delivering beverages to the local restaurants, taverns, stores…… and he’ll be HOME at night! YIPPEE!!!!! He’ll get to do a little more cooking. I’ve got so much more to teach him! heehee…….
G’Nite! Go make memories with your family :o)
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