Making Memories

Only a slight change… we’re still having beefalo steaks… and we’re still having artichokes… but I decided I’m in the mood for wild rice tonight! That always goes really nicely with steaks :o)
I also got a 4# box of strawberries, so I’m gonna use them up before they go bad (they turn sooooo fast! UGH!)……. I’ve got Cool Whip in the fridge already from making Peanut Butter Fluff for the kids’ party on Friday, so I’ve sliced up the strawberries and put them in the fridge, coated in sugar. I’m about to go make the shortcakes now.
Apparently, I have a "tell" for when I’m making strawberry shortcake. Felicity came in while I was cleaning and hulling the berries and asked if I was making strawberry shortcake. When I asked her how she knew, she said "Mom, you always use that bowl for the strawberries and sugar"…… so I guess by using that same bowl, I’ve already created a memory for her. It’s something she’ll remember when she gets older, I’m sure. ***mental note to self*** make sure Felicity and Haden each get one of these bowls when they move out on their own….. the memories they will share with their friends and their children will be priceless to them!
Go make a memory with your family! Create a tradition! Make a meal together! And just ENJOY every moment!!!
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