Yesterday was Haden’s Birthday! He’s 8… 8… WOW! Not really sure how this happened!  But, here he is… 8.years.old…
After last year’s big bash (we held 4 kids’ parties all together, and used the school’s Multi-purpose Room for a movie showing…!), I told the kids we were keeping it small this year….. Haden decided to just have friends come over (he was allowed to invite only 2 friends if we were going out anywhere…)
I made it a detective theme, with invitations in "code" by using a card making program and putting the print backwards (so it had to be read in the mirror). It’s all his friends talked about for days! It was so cute!!! My girlfriends at the Kitchen helped me with the cake (well the ideas and how to do it!) A magnifying glass cake was pretty easy to make, once those awesome girls told me what to do. 2 round cakes, one of them cut so I have just the middle of it in a long strip. I got black coloring for the icing to make the "frame" of the magnifying glass, and edible glitter to make the "glass" seem more "glass-like".
Party planning ended up being very last-minute, as I was out of town last week and working most of this week. So it was coming down to 2 days left for planning and buying, etc…. and Haden announces "NO party games" What? How do you give a birthday party with no party games?!?!? But he was quite insitent upon it. Not even a scavenger hunt! ACK! That was plan for keeping them all occupied for a long period of time. LOL Haden wanted to just play games on the tv (we don’t have any cool video game systems… just a few games that plug into the tv, like a Hotwheels racing game, Pac-Man, etc…. nothing fancy) and he also wanted to play outside. Well, at least I was done with the party planning! lol
Of course, when a child has a Birthday, it is almost expected that Mom will bring in treats for the whole class at school… OY! Who has time for making treats for a class, PLUS for a party??? Uncle I to the rescue! He’s the local baker, so I took him a cupcake-shaped cookie cutter and said PLEASE! So he made the cookies… and then I decorated them (picture is in the photo album… turned out pretty cute!)
Once I got the kids to school and some errands taken care of, I finally had time for the cake! I had already baked it, so I just needed to get it frosted. Have you EVER tried to make black frosting? OY! Even with black coloring, it’s a pain! And it dyes EVERYTHING in it’s path… but not BLACK! No, not black… this coloring made everything pink, purple and every shade in between!!! And it was then… as I was cleaning up the dark fingerprints I had made ALL OVER my kitchen (this was just a few hours before the party, mind you!)… yes, then I realized what this party was missing! FINGERPRINTING!!!!! What little boy, obsessed with detectives and spies, etc wouldn’t like to be fingerprinted and have an ID badge made? I called our local police station to see if they had fingerprinting kits… they did!
So the party was a hit, and the kids all went home with Detective notebooks, complete with their Agent name and number, along with fingerprints and ID cards (and the rest of the kit from the police station, which included a DNA kit, etc for parents to have in case, God forbid, something were to ever happen….)
Great Birthday! Good friends! Fun Times! And the kids even ate some of the fruits and veggies I had out for snacking on! I love when kids make healthy choices (they did still eat the cheese puffs, too… but at least they ate *some* of the good stuff! lol)
Menu planning for the week will be posted soon…..
G’Nite…. go check your menu and see what’s for dinner tomorrow!!!
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  1. Faye says:

    I did lots of cakes for my three kids over the years, and yes I did do black. But even the kids found the hamburg colours too much, especially the mustard and burger. I can\’t remember now what was black. The easiest and one of the most popular was a barbie princess…just baked a cake in a tube pan, put an old  barbie in the middle (Legs removed) and made the icing "dress" all the way up the cake to her torso.

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