Here we go again…

Busy, busy, busy….. we’ve bee under major deadline at the main office since we got back from conference on Friday. So I’ve worked a couple long days over there, plus all the other usual stuff I’m doing…….
Saturday we did get to enjoy eating at the Crab Pot restaurant in Seattle. It was for Mom’s 60th Birthday, and so much fun!!!!!
Sunday was my first cooking since the Sunday before that…… I made Salisbury Steaks, mashed potatoes, beets and salad. YUMM-O
Yesterday a good friend picked up the kiddos after school so I could work at the main office for a full day. She even fed them dinner!!!! This girl is what My John calls my "competition" because she cooks full meals, loves to entertain, etc! He says we must have been separated at birth. lol Anyway, she was so sweet to feed my kids dinner. She made "Stupid Casserole"…. if she’s reading, maybe she’ll comment and tell you how it got that name. It was kinda funny, and the kids seemed to really enjoy it.
And today…. working at the main office again… got a call that F was sick and needed to be picked up from school. My John picked her up for me, and I left work early so I could relieve him in time for work. And then I got home (out of my routine) and forgot to take out my pork chops that I wanted to make for dinner! So I grabbed my last pre-made bag of spaghetti sauce from the freezer and some garlic bread from the freezer, too. Then I took stock of my pastas…… um, yeah…. it’s time for a grocery shopping trip! I had 3 boxes of pasta, all different kinds, with not enough in them to do anything….. so I cooked them all up together and made a pasta medley of shells, rotini and long spaghetti.

I ALMOST FORGOT! I finally went to Trader Joe’s! I’ve never been there before and a friend got me a gift card in order to FORCE me to go! Well, My John asked me to stop in and get some lemon pepper. So I grabbed some, and it’s in a grinder jar, so he gets to grind his lemon pepper every time he needs it. He seems to like it. I also found some GREAT prices on artichokes and some fun tomatoes (a box filled with lots of different colors and shapes…) I will definitely be going back when I have more time to look around and get some good shopping done!

G’Nite, friends! Now goo look at your menus and figure out what’s for dinner!
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