No cooking for a week?!?!?!

This is going to be an odd week! I’ve got a conference for work, so the kids are staying with G’ma & G’pa and My John is on his own. (He works nights, making it impossible for the kids to stay home with him). I’ll be eating out, and by the end of the week will be tired of eating out! Thankfully, most of the meals are plated lunches and dinners that tend to have some pretty healthy options (at least in year’s past they have), almost always at least including a salad and roll. I’ll have a hotel room all to myself, and I think there’s a fridge and microwave available, so I’ll be able to get some juice for breakfast time, and even keep my good coffee creamer to drown out the "hotel coffee maker coffee" taste! lol
So, tomorrow I will be off to the conference. I’ve left My John with some soups in the fridge and some taco meat to have with chips or in shells (he’s a taco freak! We almost always have taco meat in the fridge, because he LOVES it!) The kiddos will be in good hands with G’ma & G’pa, I know they’ll eat well (where do you think I learned about feeding the family good meals, around the table!!!) and will have loads of fun!
When I return I will hopefully be back in the mood for cooking again, as I am just finishing up a weekend where I wanted to do nothing, especially in the kitchen!!!!! I just wanted to sleep……..
I’m off to spend a little cuddle time on the couch with My John before heading to bed. G’Nite, friends!
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  1. Unknown says:

    Have fun at your conference!  What is it for?  I hope you are able to find some healthy options–I am sure you will manage.  You are ver resourceful.

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