Grab ‘n’ Go Dinners

I was able to hit the 12 Hour Sale at Super 1 today, since I had to drive through that way coming home from work. This was a produce sale, so we’ll be having lots of fresh veggies this week! YAY!
When I got in the door, there was a table set up with a recipe and a bunch of ingredients. I almost passed by, until I noticed the sign, telling me what they were making! CHICKEN & BLACK BEAN BURRITOS! I got to have a taste and WOW are they good! I got the recipe, and most of the ingredients are things I generally have on-hand! This is a recipe I will make soon and share it with all of you, because this Grab ‘n’ Go Dinners is a program working towards helpin people eat healthier meals at home, without having to spend a lot of time. I’ll have to try to hit the store next time 😉

I’ve got another recipe I’ll have to share, too….. I got a recipe for Chinese BBQ Pork from a tenant at the building I’ve been helping out at. I made it tonight so I can slice some up for BUNCO tomorrow night. I had to give it a little taste, and I think it’s a winning recipe (BTW… for all my friends reading this, thinking it’s too much work… it’s totally not! Mix up the marinade to let it sit in the fridge for days, then put it in the oven…… so easy!!!!!! Recipe will follow soon….)

I guess I’m getting way behind in posting recipes…. I better choose a day and get that done! I know I also have a lot of pictures to post, too…. I promise! They’re coming!
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