An old favorite returns!

This is a meal I used to serve quite frequently! It’s simple, fast, and pleases most tastes! I don’t know why I don’t make it often anymore!
Tonight My John decided to take over kitchen duty and he made Chicken & Broccoli with Angel Hair Pasta (recipe follows, and can also be found in the recipe listing). I’ve always loved this, ever since MOM made it for me many years ago! (thanks, Mom!) Most of my sisters have made this at one time or another, and it’s so easy to change to meet your specific tastes and throw in whatever vegetables you have on hand, leave out the meat to make it a veggie dish, etc…..
Tomorrow is Easter! We’ll be serving ham and twice baked potatoes…. and I’m not sure what else yet! LOL We’ll figure it out in the morning, I guess!
Now, BREAKFAST, I have figured out! A friend brought me some cinnamon bread from the bakery, so that will get made into French Toast. Along with that we’ll serve some sausage (from the freezer) and orange juice. (Oh, and of course all the CANDY the Easter Bunny is bound to leave in the baskets, right?)
Well, the kids are getting anxious to get their eggs colored…. so I’m off!
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  1. Faye says:

    Sounds like good food at your house. That is great that John helps out by taking over the meal occaisionally. I never had Angel Hair pasta but love evey pasta I\’ve tried yet. Chicken & Brocolli go great together.  Hope everyone had a great Easter. We had to postpone ours \’til Tuesday due to and unexpected Easter snow storm!

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