Date Night

Tonight My John gets off work early (since he went in early…) And the kids are at their dad’s for the weekend… so we’re having a much-needed date night! I found some Tender Beef Filet at the store, and we’ll grill that up. I’ll serve up some wild rice & a big salad to round out the meal.
We’ll also get to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, since he isn’t going back in to work tonight. Of course, we aren’t pairing the "proper" wine with the "proper" food….. isn’t red wine supposed to go with beef? Well, we don’t really like red wine…. so we’ll enjoy our favorite Columbia Winery Cellarmaster’s Riesling! MMMMMM If you haven’t tried this wine, you MUST!!! We tried several wines before ever finding a wine that we actually enjoy, and now I don’t want to buy anything else! lol
Have a great weekend!
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