The Kids Love Pizza…..

Yesterday was the kids’ turn to cook dinner. They chose to make pizzas again. With a busy evening, I tried to get them to use Boboli crust….. nope! They would have nothing to do with it. I saw a friend at the store and told her that I tried it, and she was not surprised at all that they wouldn’t use the "cheater crust". She said "Look at who their mom is" LOL She really does give me too much credit….. if only she could see my "gourmet" meals that get served more often than I’d like (by "gourmet" I mean fish sticks, chicken nuggets, and other junk like that….)
Tonight the kids go to their dad’s for dinner. And tomorrow they get to cook again, since they missed a day last week while I was out of town. So tomorrow is Taco Grande!
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